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Maritime Shipping Industries

Maritime transportation is a vital component of global trade and is responsible for delivering over 80% of goods worldwide.

Ships are essential for transporting goods across oceans and seas, connecting countries, and supporting global economic growth. With the importance of this trade, the safety and reliability of these vessels and their crews are the number-one priority.

Non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques are widely used in shipbuilding to inspect materials and components during construction, and in periodic in-service inspections throughout the life of a ship to ensure the reliability and safety of the ship is maintained at a high level.

1. Inspection Targets

  • Weld Inspection: Ultrasonic inspection of welds can detect cracking, porosity and lack of fusion defects that may affect the integrity of the weld and compromise component safety.
  • Structural plate/component Inspection: Inspection of beams, girders, and inner Hull plating can detect corrosion and pitting, which can weaken structures.
  • Machinery and Equipment: Engines, generators, pipework and other machinery are inspected for wear, corrosion and damage.​​​​​​​
  • Hull and Deck Structure: Inspected for corrosion, damage and fatigue-related issues that can compromise vessel strength and integrity.

2. Challenges

  • Limited Access: Some areas of a ship are very difficult to access once in service, these may require automated scanners or confined space entries to get to the inspection locations.​​​​​​​
  • Large surface areas: Hull inspections require 100% coverage, which is a very large area to cover; this can be covered by multiple teams working together or automated scanners covering the ship in segments.

.Sonatest provides a range of ultrasonic solutions for shipping inspections, The VEO3 and RSFlite provide phased array corrosion mapping capabilities, compatible with automatic inspection crawlers. The VEO3 also includes PA weld inspection, TFM TFMi and TOFD inspection methods.

The Wave offers the most advanced conventional flaw detector in the world, with CAD-imported interactive scan plans and a host of tools and applications; this set is now the standard for conventional UT.

We also supply Carestream radiographic equipment, including digital imaging systems used in maritime shipping applications. 

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