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Our Expertise

Founded in 1958, Sonatest is the leading manufacturer of Ultrasonic inspection equipment. We are recognised and respected around the world for the quality of our rugged portable products which can be found in every industry and application.

Our Expertise

Pioneering Ultrasonics in the NDT Industry Since 1958

Whether it is conventional ultrasonics or advanced cutting edge phased array with TFM. Sonatest is your partner for Non-Destructive Testing solutions whatever your industry or application.

Our products are used by the worlds biggest and most innovative companies. Shell, Airbus, Siemens and Arcellor Mittal are amongst the thousands of customers who use Sonatest instruments to ensure that their products and processes are safe and reliable.

Innovative Product Design

Sonatest products are guided by the values of Simplicity, Capability and Reliability. Innovation is at the core of not only our design and development programmes but our whole way of working. We strive to provide an easy enjoyable experience when working with and being a part of the Sonatest family.

The market leading flaw detector WAVE has gained a reputation which is the envy of our competitors. Our user interface has set the industry standard. The advanced phased array Veo3 and Prisma reinforce our reputation for innovative product development of instruments focussed on providing the technician with an efficient user experience. The RSflite leads the world in composite inspection technology.