Non Destructive Examination

As an engineering field, Nondestructive Testing (NDT) is a broad, interdisciplinary area.

Examining Engineering Fields

NDT plays a crucial role in society's assurance that structural features and systems are safe to perform their function, with standard or enhanced realiability; and with maximum cost effeciency.

Global Standards

In adherence with global demands and standards set down by the organisations and companies across nearly all industrial sectors, Sonatest design, build and manufacture NDT equipment, mainly using ultrasonic technologies to carry out these critical tasks.

Inspection Trials

Inspection trials and tests are defined and implemented by NDT technicians and engineers who aim to identify, and define, the condition of materials and flaws/weaknesses such structures may contain. In doing so they locate weakness and problematic conditions that, if left and unidentified, would lead to catastrophic results - such as failing nuclear reactors, derailed trains, burst pipelines etc.

Due to the nature of NDT testing, Inspections do not damage or downgrade the functionality of the materials or subject being tested. Again the "absence" of "destruction" in this process heightens the level of quality control and demonstrates sound cost effectivenes for the end user/operating companies.