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NDT Service Providers

NDT service providers are at the frontline of inspection, providing the skills, experience and expertise required by this industry.

  • They are looking for value (Veo3 and Wave on the edge features)
  • Rugged for all kinds of environments
  • Devices and techniques people are already trained on
  • Fast learning curve supported by simple interfaces 
  • Support/upgrade/documentation speed so you never deal with long downtimes 

Sonatest boasts a rich history of manufacturing world-leading ultrasonic equipment. Our products are equipped with unique tools and features that not only enable technicians to conduct inspections to the highest standards but also ensure a seamless user experience, thereby enhancing your business's service quality. For more details, our UT systems can be explored through the links provided below.

  1. VEO3
    • Phased Array S-Scan and L-Scan
    • Time of Flight Diffraction
    • Live TFM
    • TFMi
  2. WAVE
    • Ultrasonic inspection
    • Interactive scan plan
    • CAD download scan plan
    • Wi-Fi connectivity
  3. Digital Flaw detectors
    • Proven conventional UT systems
  4. Thickness gauges
  5. UT Transducers
  6. Phased array transducers and wedges
  7. TOFD Transducers and wedges