RSflite Composite Solution


Fast, integrated and portable, this is an optimal inspection ultrasonic NDT solution for the composite industry.

Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) has helped engineers inspect all sorts of composite materials for years. Whether it be traditional aluminium laminates or today's more complex carbon fibre-based composites, an ultrasonic NDT system has the ability to acoustically see through these parts and create complete inspection maps. Comprehensive volumetric integrity reports can be generated and supported by imaging reports that are as easy to interpret as traditional X-Ray.

Active with key industry leaders for more than 60 years, Sonatest is proud to present the new generation RapidScan: the RSflite, UTmap and WheelProbe2 linear array solution.

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Fast composite inspection with
RSflite & WP2


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Enable automatic
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Linear Scan Inspection



Key features

  • Light reinforced frame
  • Patented rubber wheel
  • Best acoustic's on the market


  • Portability with similar to immersion quality A-Scan data
  • Ease of use with a lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Up to 0.8 mm near surface resolution

Key features

  • Linear Scanning
  • Touch screen
  • Portable device


  • User interface optimised for the composite inspection
  • Fast setup and operations
  • Outstanding inspection speed
  • Ready for all site conditions

Key features

  • T-Scan stitching
  • Post analysis re-gating
  • Automatic report


  • Data adjustments (gain, gates...) are easily done in post-acquisition
  • Automatic measurements
  • Fast data interpretation
  • T-Scan, or the freedom to make it fit

Ultrasonic linear scanning solution

For composite inspection, a linear scan (L-Scan), sometimes referred to as an electronic scan (E-Scan), uses a group of elements of a linear array probe to pulse a single straight beam (1) , then another adjacent beam (2).  This sequence is repeated equally over the full length of the array (3) .


This ultrasonic NDT technique is particularly efficient to detect the most common defects inside the composite structure as it covers large area's rapidly and generates high-resolution data sets and images.








Impact Damage


Advanced solution benefits

  • With a linear scanning workflow-oriented and simplified user interface; the complete solution optimises the training time and on-site performances within one machine.
  • The outstanding ultrasonic signal-to-noise ratio and patented WheelProbe2 rubber design is a system offering the best acoustic performances for composite inspection.
  • The combination of RSflite and WheelProbe2 makes the fastest portable immersion inspection system on the market.
  • The advanced UTmap analysis tools and unique C-Scan stitching capability increase overall productivity and enhance the inspection quality.




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Portable Ultrasonic NDT composite Inspection Solution 5 min demo

Sonatest Pro Tutorial - Composite C-scan stitching with UTmap


Standard RSflite Composite Solution Package

  • RSflite instrument 
  • WheelProbe 2 - 5 MHz with 5 m cable
  • WP2 Composite Pack
  • WP2 advanced Kit 2 + Horizontal Handle
  • UTmap License
  • Xpair License


Part Number Part Description
RSFLITE BNC/LEMO RSflite 128 channel linear scanning instrument
WP2-5MHZ-64E WP2 5Mhz 64 Element Buggy
WP2-PACK2 WP2 Composite Pack
WP2-ACC-0501 Horizontal Handle
WP2-ADV-KIT2 Advanced Kit Two
UTMAP UTMAP: single license
XPAIR Xpair: single license


RSflite Composite Solution Package with Glider Probe Option

  • Standard RSflite Composite Solution Package
  • Probe & Wedge
  • Encoder

Standard RSflite Composite Solution Package plus

Part Number Part Description
X3A-003 X3A-5M64E-0.6x10-SQX2.5
X3AG-001 X3AG-OLW25
JX-1004 Single Universal Encoder 2.5m


RSflite Composite Solution Package with additional WheelProbe Buggy plus Test and Demonstration Plate Option.

  • Standard RSflite Composite Package
  • Extra WP2 probe (pick your frequency)
  • Test and Demonstration Plate

Standard RSflite Composite Solution Package plus one extra WheelProbe 2 Buggy from the list below:

Part Number Part Description
WP2-2MHZ-64E WP2 2 MHZ 64 Element Buggy
WP2-3.5MHZ-64E WP2 3.5Mhz 64 Element Buggy
WP2-5MHZ-64E WP2 5Mhz 64 Element Buggy
WP2-10MHZ-64E WP2 10 Mhz 64 Element Buggy
WP2-ACC-0518 Demo Plate for WheelProbe 2



October 2018 RSflite Software Updates Download
October 2018 UTmap Analysis SoftwareDownload
October 2018Xpair Remote SoftwareDownload
01.01.2014 MSDS Panasonic Li ion Cell for 242171132.72 KBDownload
01.01.2013 Shipping & Handling Li ion Batteries361.36 KBDownload
07.05.2014 Li ion Battery PSDS212.04 KB Download
Oct 2018 RSFLITE-UTMAP-WP2 Composite Solution 5 min DEMODownload
Oct 2018 UTmap Stitching and C-Scan Mapping SolutionDownload
May 2017 Encoder Calibration Download
May 2017 Phased Array Automatic TCG Calibration Download
May 2017 Phased Array Element Activation Test Download
May 2017 Phaased Array Sensitivity & ACG Calibration Download
May 2017 Phased Array Velocity & Zero Calibration Download
May 2017 Phased Array Wedge Angle Calibration Download
May 2017 Phased Array Wedge Delay Calibration Download
May 2017 Remote Control Connection Download

Brochure Download

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