WheelProbe 2


The WheelProbe 2 has demonstrated unparalleled performance in the realm of composite inspection and corrosion monitoring, excelling in terms of both speed and user-friendliness while consistently delivering outstanding results.

Coverage and precision are the keys to a successful mapping inspection. Our WheelProbes offer a 0.8 mm lateral resolution and now up to 100 mm coverage width. (0.031 inch pitch and 4.0 inches respectively in imperial system).  

Ultrasonic inspection using wheelprobe 2 linear array Phased array NDT

Applications where the WheelProbe 2 is currently in use include, aeronautical and astronomical aerospace part inspections, marine hull inspections, corrosion mapping asset integrity inspections in the oil and gas industry, composite inspections in the automotive and structural industries and many more.

You can indeed utilize our probe in those specific aerospace scenarios: stiffener bonding control or also during corrosion detection under wing spar cap.


Figure 1 WP2 E128 with
Dual Integrated Laser

Composite Inspection

WP2 presents the most efficient solution for scanning large areas of composite. As the best alternative to immersion inspection, the WP2 offers an impressive 1mm near surface resolution in the latest composite materials using 5MHz array. Available also with 10 MHz and a 2.0 MHz version, the WP2 tyre tightly matches the acoustic impedance of water and like its predecessor, produces UT signals of exceptional quality. The configurable handles, adjustable laser guidance, unique LED's for alarm feedback, remote control with start/stop indexing and reset buttons as well as the remote display makes this package unique, superior and still unequalled.

Figure 2 Scrolling Thickness C-scan

Corrosion Monitoring

At Sonatest, we offer complete and reliable equipment to generate high quality corrosion map surveys. With the efficiency, performance and precision provided by the WP2, it is now possible to inspect larger area even faster and and provide high quality visual results immediatley in the live C-Scan (as seen in figure 2).

Large Area C-scan Evolution: An easy task to UTmap or UTstudio+

Moreover, this technique allows the user to compare large amounts of data over time to perform preventative maintenance, reducing potential downtown. The WheelProbe array provides high quality data that can efficiently analyse with our PC software or even third-party software such as CIVA Analysis.

WP2's is the tool of choice for a fast and accurate corrosion monitoring application!



Light and Robust Design
You can trust it to perform the most rigourous inspection tasks, day after day.

Well Defined Laser Rolling

Wing spar inspection

Figure 3 Wing spar inspection

Equipped with two LED feedback indicators (WP2 E128 features two lasers) and the optional display attachment, technicians can now prioritize the acquisition of consistently high-quality UT data. These dual guiding lines serve multiple purposes, including highlighting the anticipated C-scan zone or providing surface guidance along a designated surface geometry.

We can immediately see in figure 3 the benefit when the inspector checks the wing spar corrosion. The laser highlights the region of interest from beside of the rivet line.

Detachable cables

Many Detachable Cable Options
Make the best use of your WP2, and connect it to just about any PAUT system. With interchangeable cables, you have the best of all worlds. A longer cable? A different connector? These options can be held in stock at very little cost, ready for the jobs as they arrive.


Adjustable handle

Configurable Handle
With a choice of either a single 'joy-stick' or a crossbar handle, the angle can be adjusted for operator comfort, and with the remote control available for either left or right-handed operation, the ergonomics of this WP2 are unsurpassed.


Profiled, flat and precision roller options

Roller Options
With the profiled, flat and precision roller options, a few moments' effort converts your WP2 from a flat-surface composite inspection tool, to a radial or axial pipe corrosion mapping system. Able to scan right to the edges of the part, convex, concave and even irregular surface area are catered for. 

Perfect fit against OD and ID parts
All WP2 are designed to inspect flat surfaces as well as convex and concave curved surfaces. The curvature adjustment bar offers an intuitive graduated guideline that reads part radius of curvature (in both metric & imperial units). 

Perfect fit for flat, concave or convex surfaces


Wheel Probe Options


WP2 64 Element


WP2 128 Element

DescriptionWP2 64 ElementWP2 128 Element
WP2-5M128/64E-0.8x6.4 WP2-0501 WP2-0601 
WP2-10M128/64E-0.8x6.4 WP2-0502 WP2-0602 
WP2-2M128/64E-0.8X6.4 WP2-0503 WP2-0603 
WP2-3.5M128/64E-0.8X6.4 WP2-0504 WP2-0604 

Storm Case

Included Accessories

DescriptionOrder No:
Spray Bottle195180
Pump syringe nozzle152005
Polyhib additive 125ml
Storm caseWP3-ACC-0716
USB Manual147417
Maintenance toolWP2-TOOL
MEK wipes pouchWP2-ACC-0719

Handle Choices
(must choose 1 minimum)


Horizontal Handle


Vertical Handle

DescriptionWP2 64 ElementWP2 128 ElementBoth 
Horizontal Handle WP2-ACC-0501 WP2-ACC-0601   
Vertical Handle     WP2-ACC-0702 

Roller Choices
(must choose 1 minimum)

Include Front Roller Bracket to use 2 rollers


Front Roller Bracket


Flat Roller


Profiled Roller


Precision Roller

DescriptionWP2 64 ElementWP2 128 ElementBoth 
Roller Only  - Profiled WP2-ACC-0509   
Roller Only - Flat WP2-ACC-0510 WP2-ACC-0610 
Roller Only - Precision WP2-ACC-0511 WP2-ACC-0611 
Front Roller Bracket WP2-ACC-0517 WP2-ACC-0617 

Cable Choices
(must choose 1 minimum)

DescriptionWP2 64 ElementWP2 128 ElementBoth 
WP2-CABLE-veo-QX2.5 WP2-CABLE-501 WP2-CABLE-601   
WP2-CABLE-veo-QX5 WP2-CABLE-511 WP2-CABLE-611   

Remote Control

Other Accessories


Laser Guidance Pack


Phone Display Holder


Demo Plate


Storm Case

DescriptionWP2 64 ElementWP2 128 ElementBoth 
Laser Guidance Pack WP2-ACC-0513 WP2-ACC-0613   
Remote Control     WP2-ACC-0712 
Phone Display Holder     WP2-ACC-0714 
Demo Plate for Wheelprobe 2     WP2-ACC-0718 
WP2 Storm Case     WP2-ACC-0716 


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