Our People

Everybody in the Sonatest family plays a part in the success of the company.

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At the heart of the business is the leadership team comprising:

Chris Armitage
Group Managing Director

Chris has a Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering with Management Economics and a Masters in Business Administration. He has 25 years of experience managing companies supplying industrial equipment to the process industries across the globe.

Adam Greenway
Group Financial Director

Adam carried out his financial training through ACCA, whilst working as an Auditor for the first 5 years of his career, giving him an insight into a multitude of businesses in various business sectors. He then moved across into Industry in the Barcode and Printing Sector to spend 10 years as Financial Controller leading the Finance and Operations for one of the Divisions of a Fortune 500 Company. In 2013 Adam joined Sonatest as Group Finance Director and currently leads the Finance and operations for the Group.

Yvan Gosselin
Group Technical Director

Holding an EE degree, Yvan first worked as a software engineer on a variety of embedded systems where he designed small to tiny footprint real-time operating systems and adapted a few others for different customers. After 15 years in development, he began leading and managing small groups of product development before acting as product manager in a telecom business. Then, as V.P. Technologies, he was involved in mobile rugged computer designs, heading a multidisciplinary group of engineers. In 2006, he joined Sonatest to lead product development. Under his leadership, the Sonatest team introduced key products like the veo and veo+, prisma, WP2, D-50/D-70, RSFlite and UTMap.