Creo Bolt Scanner


CREO Modula is a multi-purpose modular scanner capable of scanning 1” to 3” studs and surface scanning circumference up to 400 mm diameter.  The modular design allows the scanner to be reconfigured with various probe holders, switchable magnet, and face scanning arm.

The unique design incorporates a direct drive to the encoder meaning the scan can be completed with zero chance of encoder slip.  Locational accuracy is achieved by cam linked mounting legs keeping the probe in the centre of the stud.  Creo Modula is adaptable to cover a range of varying inspections, custom designed attachments are also available on request.


  • With its modular design and internally built encoder this scanner can be utilised in multiple configurations whilst remaining robust and suitable for extensive in-field operation.
  • Cam-linked adjustable legs ensure that when moving from one size of stud to another scanner is always centralised and custom base plates allow for adjustable probe stand-off.
  • In a few simple steps the probe basket can be swapped with another attachment to setup for a completely different inspection such as with the magnetic base to allow for circumferential scanning of cylindrical components.
  • The internally mounted encoder is directly driven and as such means there is no opportunity for encoder slippage, often experienced when using a wheel encoder.

Part Number Description
CX-1001 Bolt Scanner 1 5/8" to 3" Stud
CX-1002 Bolt Scanner 1" to 3" Stud
CX-1003 Bolt Scanner 1" to 3" Stud & Face

Compatible with the Sonatest X2A and X2B Series probes.

NB: When ordering your probes please specify you require a side exit cable.

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