Large & Low Frequency Linear Scan

With similar acoustic specifications as the X6A series,
the B-model has 64 elements and can perform well with
high attenuative material such as an exotic composites. Even on
large components, the C-scan covers a wide area quickly and without compromising the mapping resolution. The primary option with 1 MHz probe provides the ideal solutions with the best measurements over the 40 mm thickness while the 0.5 MHz model will tackle the unusual material. In addition, inspection of stainless steel range with high chromium and silicon content is also an ideal application.

Frequent Applications

  • Aerospace parts (large and thick composite)
  • Large aluminium plates (delaminations)
  • Wind mill spar caps
  • Steel and aluminium castings


  • Quick I-PEX Connector (QX)
  • Quick I-PEX Bracket
  • 5m Cable
  • Other cable lengths and polyesther wear tape upon request
Product Code Probe Description Frequency Number Elements Elevation Element Pitch Aperture External Dimensions
F (MHz) Qty E (mm) P (mm) L (mm) L (mm) W (mm) H (mm)
X6B-005 X6B-0.5M64E-2x10-SQX2.5 0.5 64 10 2 128 137 26 28
X6B-006 X6B-1M64E-2x10-SQX2.5 1 64 10 2 128 137 26 28
Wedge Description Wave Type Angle Steel Cut Angle Delay Line Length Width Height
LW/SW (º) (º) (mm) L (mm) W (mm) H (mm)
X6BHG-001 X6BHG-0L HydroGlider L 0 0 Contact 150 38 17.2


Phased Array Cables

Phased Array Extension Cables



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