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Unleashing the Potential of Sonatest PA Probes for Precise Mapping

 9th November 2023
Philippe Rioux, Sonatest

Unleashing the Potential of Sonatest PA Probes for Precise Mapping

When it comes to mapping applications, the choice of phased array probes plays a crucial role in achieving accurate and comprehensive results. Sonatest offers a range of advanced phased array probe options tailored specifically for mapping purposes.

Within our solutions, a multitude of choices are available. Among our offering, two fundamental aspects will guide you in your selection process: precision and surface coverage, as shown in Figure 1. Each series of probes also has the benefit of an extensive range of frequencies, ensuring that specifications remain uncompromised.

Fig. 1 Interconnected Probe Options

Fig. 2 Scrolling the scan area on our 2 WheelProbes E64 and E128

Probe Models Freq. (MHz) Total Width (mm) Scrolling C-scan Area (cm2) Encoder-ready* Applications, Part, Unique Feature
Single Elm. Wheelprobe 1 to 10 15 One B-scan line Integrated Provides the thickness profile along the encoder scan axis
D1B DLA 2.25 to 7.5 25.6 32cm2; 5.0inch2 AXYS DW1B-2N0L DLA wedge; Pitch – Catch focusing, (FD length option) – Challenging Material Inspection
X3A 2.25 to 10 38.4 48cm2; 7.4inch2 AXYS Unique X3AG WheelProbe Rubber Glider for composites; Precision 0-degree scans over quantity. A cable exit on its side is now an option.
WP2 E64 2 to 10 51.2 64.25cm2; 10.0inch2 Integrated General-purpose portable immersion wheel.
X6A 3.5 to 5 96 120cm2; 18.6inch2 AXYS The most precise and widest 5 MHz probe we offer.
WP2 E128 2 to 10 102.4 128.5cm2; 19.9inch2 Integrated Dual-powered laser pointers for precise scan plan. Wide and precise mapping.
X6B 0.5 to 1 128 160cm2; 24.8inch2 AXYS Self-irrigated probe and hydro-gliding technologies. IHC flat wedge or Hydro Glider must be selected. Lowest PA frequency in our catalogue.

* Our L0-IHC wedges have 2 x 5 mm button drilled holes. They essentially work with Jireh STIX scanners or equivalent.

Please contact our Applications Team if you have any questions. You can also find more solutions on our website.

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