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Retaining the best features of the established veo line, the new veo+ is designed to meet the needs of today and tomorrow, making the veo+ a smart and future proof asset for your business.

Key design elements considered in the development of the VEO+ are user and performance focused. Based on a superior and innovative digital technology, four available PA configurations (16:64PR, 32:64PR, 16:128PR or 32:128PR). are offered as software options. Upgradeability in the field when needed!

Typical applications include Weld Inspection, Crack Detection, Corrosion Mapping, Aerospace and Composite Testing.


Superior Digital Technology

The Veo+ offers superior data throughput and unsurpassed computational capacity. It delivers fast and accurate results using an impressive 32 channel PA beamformer that provides exceptional SNR, through the use of enhanced digital signal processing.

Data file size is not a concern for the Veo+ thanks to its 64-bit Linux operating system because it can count on a fast 128GB SSD memory capacity allowing you to record huge amounts of information in a single acquisition file.

Intuitive Menus and Workflow

The intuitive menu system is application and workflow driven, with set up and operation swiftly becoming second nature. Integrated help and Wizards guide the user through scan set up whilst Optimisation Tips ensure the Veo+ always performs at the highest level. Fast and efficient wizards for sound velocity; wedge delay, TCG, DAC, TOFD setup and Encoder calibration are all provided as standard.

The inspection plan shows the operator in 3D where probes are positioned on the test part, simplifying the inspection set up and providing an inspection reference for reporting. Using the latest computer technology, data can be permanently recorded for processing and report generation. All adjustments to focal laws are instantaneous, with angle resolution to 0.1° and up to 1024 focal laws without loss of performance.

Remote Control Solution

Using Sonatest’s UT link software application, Veo+ can be fully used and controlled remotely, via a simple network connection. Veo+ now offers WiFi along with its fast GB Ethernet port.

Advanced Analysis Software

The UT Studio software application, comes as part of the Veo+ package, is used to manage inspection configurations, perform data analysis and build precise reports. These data files are easily transferred via a network or a USB data key to the PC. Then, thanks to a comprehensive, right click / drag and drop user interface, the user can create new data views, customize colour palettes, add and modify gates and measurement parameters, generate extended reports much more.

Ideal WheelProbe Partner

Efficient and effective scanning can also be achieved when the Veo+ is partnered with Sonatest’s wheelprobes, namely the new WP2




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  • veo+ front view/scan.jpeg
  • veo+ sideview with stand.jpeg
  •  veo+ in Snow(Torngats).jpeg
  • veo+ App Image .jpeg


Standard Packages

Veo+ 16:64PR/2UT:PR Kit BNC

Veo+ 16:64PR/2UT:PR Kit LEMO

Veo+ 32:64PR/2UT:PR Kit BNC

Veo+ 32:64PR/2UTPR Kit LEMO

Veo+ 16:128PR/2UT:PR Kit BNC

Veo+ 16:128PR/2UT:PR Kit LEMO

Veo+ 32:128PR/2UT:PR Kit BNC

Veo+ 32:128PR/2UT:PR Kit LEMO

Veo+ Kits

Veo+ & Magman Scanner

Veo+ & WP2

Veo+ & Manual TOFD

Veo+ & Manual Weld

Software Accessories






Nubitus Cloud Key

Nubitus is an deal way to manage and transfer your data to your secure data servers, cloud solutions, or simply by email. Nubitus acts as a simple USB storage device; it automatically transmits filed to the cloud. Combined with the Nubitus mobile application, files can be sent to multiple destinations. The solution allows GPS position, encryption, and compression to be added to your data.

TOFD and UT Probes


  • X1 Miniature & Sub Miniature PA Transducers
  • X2 General Purpose PA Transducers
  • X3 Long Array Transducers
  • X4 Miniature PA Transducers with Integral Wedge
  • X5 Medium PA Transducers
  • X6 PA Transducers Corrosion Mapping for large surface and piping
  • X-Clamps

DaaH Series

  • Type 1 Daah
  • Type 5 Daah
  • T-Clamps
  • Daah Adaptors

Accessories and Spares

195193Carry Strap VEO/Prisma
195192Veo Storm Case with Insert
145428Veo Window Protector
242171Lithium Battery VEO / Prisma
800423 VEO/Prisma Power Supply (LEMO)
8004241 Bay Battery Charger
8004222 Bay Battery Charger
16521932:32 Y-Splitter I-PEX:I-PEX
16524064:64 Y-Splitter I-PEX:I-PEX
165221VEO/Prisma Ominscan Adaptor
165272WP VEO Encoder to MX2 Adaptor
165279Adaptor GE:I-PEX
145512Micro 8Gb USB SDC233-008G-B35
165281Compact USB WI-FI Router
196100Waterproof Mouse
196101Waterproof Keyboard
196102Portable Hand spray - 7 litres
147390Quick Start Guide VEO+


Sept 2016 UTStudio Software Updates Download
Sept 2016 UTLink Software UpdatesDownload
Sept 2016 veo+ Software Updates Download
01.01.2014 MSDS Panasonic Li ion Cell for 242171132.72 KBDownload
13.01.01 Shipping & Handling Li ion Batteries361.36 KBDownload
07.05.14 Li ion Battery PSDS212.04 KB Download
06.06.17 Composite Inspection in Phased Array Download
06.06.17 PA & Hydrogen Blistering Download
06.06.17 Couplant V Wallpaper Paste Download

Sonatest Pro Tutorials

May 2017 Encoder Calibration Download
May 2017 Phased Array Automatic TCG Calibration Download
May 2017 Phased Array Element Activation Test Download
May 2017 Phaased Array Sensitivity & ACG Calibration Download
May 2017 Phased Array Velocity & Zero Calibration Download
May 2017 Phased Array Wedge Angle Calibration Download
May 2017 Phased Array Wedge Delay Calibration Download
May 2017 Remote Control & UTLink Connection Download

Brochure Download

Download Brochure (4.34 MB)

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