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Riser Bolt Inspection with Creo Bolt Scanner

Sonatest performed Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing on one Riser Bolt. A TFM scan was also implemented to increase resolution and flaw fidelity. The bolt can be tested from either end, without removing the bolt from production for testing.

Riser Bolt Inspection with Creo Bolt Scanner

Riser bolts are an essential, critical component of offshore drilling structures. Their integrity is vital to the safety and efficiency of the riser system. The Creo Bolt Scanner allows the inspector to fully test each bolt using a simple setup, from one end of the bolt, to achieve a recorded, reliable, repeatable scan. This inspection replaces the need to remove each bolt from either the riser itself, or shipping crate to perform visual and penetrant testing, saving time and increasing productivity.

  Riser Bolt Inspection with Creo Bolt Scanner  (921.3KB)

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