Advanced Composite Inspection

A complete picture of a large component can be produced by stitching C-scans together in the UTmap software.

The RSflite (linear scanning only) and Veo3 phased array instruments, along with WheelProbe 2 and UTmap software, have been entirely designed and optimised for the needs in various industries, including aerospace, composite and automotive sectors.  These complete package options helps to qualify new composites at the design stage as well as detect reflective defects during manufacturing or after impacts. The portable and battery-operated kit allows for the detection and precise sizing of delamination’s, disbonding and porosities in materials. This solution is equally efficient for manufacturing or maintenance.


SO15 RSflite Application Photo 23
The WheelProbe 2, with its patented rubber design, adapts to all kind of composite materials.



SO15 RSflite Application Photo 68
RSflite, combined with the WheelProbe2 and the UTmap software, is the perfect turnkey solution for the composite industry.



S015 Fig 3.jpg
Wheel probe 2 shown with Sonatest's other composite inspection probe options, X3 Glider and the X6B Hydroglider



Recommended Package

Category Part Number Description
Product RSFLITE BNC/LEMO or VEO3 BNC/LEMO RSflite and Veo3 are128-channel linear scanning capable instruments.
Product option SW-RSFLITE-CLOUD Xpair software manages data transfer and allows for remote control of the instrument.


*10 MHz WP2 is also available for thinner material

  • Frequency: 5 MHz
  • Elements: 64
Probe Option #1 WP2-PACK2
  • Vertical handle
  • Back flat roller
  • Filing equipment
  • Maintenance tools
  • Rugged transportation case
Probe Option #2 WP2-ADV-KIT2
  • 2 x Flat roller
  • Remote control
  • Front roller assembly
  • Laser guidance kit
  • Phone display kit
Software UTMAP Software suitable for C-Scan analyses


Frequency recommendations according to the thickness (T):

1 mm < T < 10 mm = 10 MHz

2.5 mm < T < 25 mm = 5 MHz

T > 25 mm = 2.25 MHz

The 10 MHz WheelProbe 2 is the perfect solution for high-precision inspections.

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