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Xpair opens the doors of true mobility in the NDT market.

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Xpair is a PC-based software application solution to manage data transfer and remote control of instruments in the field wherever a network connection is available. Moreover, with the Xpair Cloud option, a user can access and remotely pilot the instrument of a colleague located 1000s of km away using a mobile or wired internet connection.

Xpair solution is compatible with:

Veo 16:64
Veo 16:128

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This amazing and affordable innovation gives users the ability to remotely access their instruments from anywhere around the world to

  • Assist in real time technician in the field;
  • Take control of all the instrument functionalities;
  • Download data for in depth analysis in the office;
  • Upload specific setup files to the field technician;
  • Upload procedures (PDF) to the field technician.

Based on  "on-demand cloud VPN" technology powered by LogMeIn®, Xpair is a fully scalable and flexible solution. It sits on a secure, reliable and worldwide recognised platform, opening the doors to true mobility in the NDT market.

Xpair solution also applies to local applications like the remote control of an instrument attached on the back of an automated scanner meters away. This leads to performant and economic solutions for magnetic crawlers and tank wall inspection for instance.

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