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Dual Linear Array (DLA) - Manual and Encoded Weld Inspection

Dual Linear Array probes provide an adaptive and modular solution for weld inspection of material with high signal attenuation as they can significantly improve signal to noise ratio.

Dual Linear Array (DLA) - Manual and Encoded Weld Inspection

Due to the material composition and grain structure, weld inspection of austenitic stainless steels and some other exotic material such as nickel alloys is difficult to perform with shear wave scans. With a dual linear Array (DLA) low signal noise resulting from the Pitch & Catch setup combined with the beam steering capabilities of phased array technology is supplemented with an advanced wedge configuration, to reduce the noise even further, In addition, the arrangement allows the probes to be located closer to the actual HAZ (heat affected zone) and the weld.

  Dual Linear Array - Encoded Weld Inspection  (756.7KB)

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