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STIX Long Seam
Weld Scanner

The STIX Long Seam weld scanner is specially designed to translate Phased Array and/or TOFD probes along both sides of a pipe longitudinal seam weld.

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STIX Long Seam


Available in two versions, this magnetic scanner can handle 2 or 4 probe wedges for longitudinal scanning down to a 150mm (6in) pipe diameter. It can also handle flat surface inspection as well as circumferential scanning down to 275mm (10in) pipe diameter.


  • Using two link lengths and an adjustable buckle, any size of pipe can be inspected from 152.4mm - 965.2mm (6in - 38in) diameter. Links are designed with quick releases to easily be added or removed
  • A double wheel chain is used to straddle the weld. This allows the scanner frame to be centred on the weld to reduce wandering and reduce the width of the scanner.
  • An integrated latch allows easy probe centre spacing adjustment and scanner installation. Due to its modular design most major types of phased array wedges can be accommodated.
  • All wheels are coated with urethane to reduce the effects of foreign debris obstructing the rolling of the scanner. Urethane also eliminates the sideways sliding of the scanner when used in vertical applications.
  • A brake is provided to lock the location of the scanner in a required position.
  • The encoder output is fully compatible with all standard instruments.
  • The scanner is sealed using O-ring gaskets and seals to protect against penetration of contaminants into the unit.


Pipe Range, Circumferential25.4cm (10in) to flat
Pipe Range, Longitudinal15.2cm (6in) to flat
Encoder Resolution9.05counts/mm (230.0counts/inch)
Probe Holding Capacity2 phased array wedges
Encoder Cable Length5m (16.4ft)
Inspection SurfaceFerrous materials

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Standard Kit Contents

STIX long seam frame with 8 magnetic wheels
Spring-loaded encoder
Vertical phased array probe holder x2
Vertical TOFD probe holder x2
Probe holder arm set – long, drop arm x2
4mm ID irrigation kit (7/16 in Quick Connect)
Probe holder spare parts kit

STIX Long Seam Packages

Product CodeDescription
JX-KIT-2-LONGSEAMLong Seam Weld Scanner 2 probe holders
JX-KIT-4-LONGSEAMLong Seam Weld Scanner 4 probe holders

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Brochure & Specification

Type Title Date Size
PDF file icon STIX Long Seam Weld Scanner 09/23 Download 0.77 MB

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