Railscan 125



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Using the latest developments in amplifier and pulser technology to deliver higher levels of near surface resolution and penetrating power the Railscan 125 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector has been developed and designed specifically for Rail Testing within the Rail Infrastructure NDT market.


Designed specifically for Rail Testing, the Railscan 125R rises to the demanding challenges set by this environment for NDT and it's operators.

Network Rail (UK) procedure and approval

Narrow Band amplifiers 2 and 5 MHz; G1 +ve trigger, G2 -ve trigger, (0.6 second delay for monitoring rail bottom depth).

Long Battery Life

Latest Li-Ion technology 10-16 hours (brightness dependant) Quick re-charge in 3-4 hours

Walking Stick Compatibility

Sperry walking stick. Others (e.g., NRS bi-directional walking stick)

Single-shot PRF for high speed multiplexing

RS232 & USB outputs: Supporting custom software systems, (e.g. Sperry palmtop with GPS)

Robust and Reliable

Sonatest's reputation for robust design and proven reliability is an important aspect of flaw detector ownership.
Down time is expensive and should be minimised to ensure maximum productivity. The Railscan is constructed to high standards using Xenoy plastics and sealed to IP67, giving excellent water resistance so it can withstand the tough environments in which operators work.

High Visibility Display

For any flaw detector the display is a crucial element. The Railscan has a colour transflective TFT display as standard, providing high visibility at any light level. The choice of colours for menus and waveform display enhance clarity, with the LCD simulation mode giving direct sunlight readability. The TFT does not suffer the typical black out problems or temperature limitations of LCD giving full weather capability. The new Full Screen mode maximises the A-scan area to improve readability further whilst testing and its fast response and peak capture functionality ensure any indicationis clearly displayed, even if it only appears for one cycle of the 1 KHz PRF.


165027RCA Video Output Cable
165028USB Type 'A' male Cable Assy
152120Cable DFD to PC
165040Falcon Proportional O/P Lead
195121Carry Bag DFD Lite
195154DFD Storm Case
145221Protective Window Sticker
145324Display Window Cover
242174SS/MS Battery Pack
800208CH700 Battery Charger
195170Sacci Body Hook Harness
136168BNC to BNC 50 Ohm
136169BNC Female to Lemo 1 Male
135171Lemo 1 (M) to Lemo 00 (F)
152018BNC(M) to LEMO(F) Adapter


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