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Key design elements considered in the development of the VEO+ were user and performance focused. Based on a superior and innovative digital technology, four available PA configurations (16:64PR, 32:64PR, 16:128PR or 32:128PR) are offered as software options.

The veo+ has now been replaced by the veo3

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VEO16:64 & VEO16:128 Series

16:64 | 16:128 | TOFD-2UT PR

The veo range of Phased Array multiscan ultrasonic flaw detectors reinforces Sonatest’s reputation for innovative technician focussed product development. All around the world, the veo family has been successfuly accepted by NDT experts and identified to set the standards for simple controls, superior performance, advanced features and rugged enclosure delivering simplicity, capability and reliability to the technician’s finger tips.

The veo series has been replaced by the veo+ series.

veo16_64 Software Updates

veo 16_128 Software Updates

Sitescan D10+ & D20+ Series

The Sitescan D-10+ has a broad band amplifier compatible with a wide range of transducers whilst the D-20+ model has several narrow bands for improved performance. The "analogue feel" from the high quality broadband amplifier shows all the detail required to identify defect types such as holes or cracks, and sufficient resolution for identifying small signals.

Typical applications are weld inspection, corrosion testing, small castings, forgings and delamination checking.

There is also a new Sitescan series available, the D-50 and the 500S.

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Array WheelProbe (128E)

Sonatest's patented array wheel probes are the result of many years of research and careful design in consultancy in the aerospace market.

It features a wide 100mm conformable rubber tyre which is acoustically matched to water, providing low loss coupling into the test part for high quality results without the need for gel or large quantities of water.

Typical applications include scanning aerospace aileron and fuselage, large area scanning, corrosion mapping, marine mast, scanning and a range of other composite testing requirements.

Corrosion WheelProbe

Developed for pipe, pipeline and vessel testing the evolutionary ergonomic design of the Corrosion WheelProbe enables constant and even pressure to be applied in the testing environment, thanks to the conformable WheelProbe tyre, resulting in consistent and repeatable amplitude response.

Typical applications include: Corrosion Mapping, Marine Inspection, Aerospace Fuselage, Aerospace Large Area scanning and Automotive testing.

Large Low Frequency WheelProbe

Developed and designed for the inspection of thick, attenuative composite materials up to 110 mm thick, such as glass reinforced plastic the Large Low Frequency WheelProbe is ideal for composite structures across industrial engineering sectors.

Including the marine and aerospace sectors; and was initially developed for wind and tidal energy turbine blade inspection applications.

UTLink Software

Compatible with Sonatest veo+, veo and prisma instruments, UTLink is a PC-based software application designed to fully control the instrument remotely via a simple network connection.

Main functionalities include:

  • Flexible yet simple remote control solution based on a standard network technology;
  • Virtually replicate the complete instrument interface including keypad action buttons;
  • Instrument auto recognition once connected

This product has been replaced by Xpair.

UTStudio Software

UT Studio software application, which comes as part ot he Veo+ package, is used to manage inspection configurations, perform data analysis and build precise reports. Veo+ data files are easily transferred via a network or a USB data key to the PC. Then, thanks to a comprehensive, right click / drag and drop user interface, one can create new data views, customize colour palettes, add and modify gates and measurement parameters, generate extended reports and much more. In no time, you will be able to accomplish amazing things and get the job done.

UTStudio Software Updates

This product has been replaced by UTstudio+