Low Frequency PA Inspection

The inspection of heavy composites thicker than 50 mm (2 inches) causes significant limitations for conventional phased array probes.

A Solution for Very Thick Composites and Castings

Conventional phased array (PA) probes have significant limitations when inspecting heavy composites thicker than 50 mm (2 inches). Even traditional PA probes at 2.0 MHz frequency are not the appropriate solution for such high signal attenuation and long sound path. The 0.5 and 1.0 MHz PA probes are available that can successfully provide C-scan mapping over large glass fibre surfaces. Furthermore, lamination defects can be identified in aluminium slabs. 

Recommended Package

Category Part Number Description
Product VEO+32:64, RSFLITE BNC or RSFLITE LEMO RSflite 128 ch. linear scanning
Probe X6B-006


Integral Probe Irrigation  

Also, 0.5 MHz frequency is also available





Designed for direct contact with maintained water coupling

Rexolite wedge on demand

Direct Contact Inspection FT1 Tape 100mm  Polyester tape made for direct contact inspection to protect the test piece surface and the probe face. 
Encoder AXYS encoder (or equivalent)  Single Universal Encoder 5 meters (Probe cable is also 5 meter long)
Software UTMAP UTmap: Single license


Frequency recommendation according to the GFRP thickness:

1.0 MHz probe: T= 30 to 200 mm. Better resolution, main solution for glass fibre reinforced plastic 
0.5 MHz probe: T< 50 to 500 mm. Very high attenuation material (Such as low-density polyethylene)

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