Industrex Single Part Developer Replenisher



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Ideal for 5-minute automatic or 4-minute manual cycles for processing of all NDT films. Single Part Developer Replenisher is an all-in-one developer and replenisher; it is only necessary to add water to the proper dilution.

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  • High chemical stability for image quality over time, improved resistance to aerial oxidation, clean working formula.
  • Reduced packaging, less solid waste.
  • Strengthened "activation power" allows for fast processing and high productivity.
  • Outstanding, consistent image quality - cold (blue) image "tone and low granularity.
  • Reduced environmental impact-lower COD and BOD5 (5-days Biochemical Oxygen Demand)
  • Concentrated (single part) liquid developer provides ease of use
  • Working strength SG 1.078

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