INDUSTREX Water Control Panel


Processing radiographs is time-consuming and poor water quality can lead to inferior image results, wated consumables, and maintenance issues.  Reliable and clean water is vital in all of the processing stages: developer, fixer and wash.


The INDUSTREX Water Control Panel ensures the best possible water conditions are set for flow, pressure, temperature and filtration for the highest level of image quality.


Flow Meter

A stable water flow rate ensures film is washed efficiently for optimum processing quality.  Incoming water can be set to the required flow rate specified or the model of processor.

Pressure Gauge

Especially useful if there is unstable water pressure on site.


The incoming water temperature should be between 7-15 C for the processor cooling system to operate in the absence of a chiller.

Water Filtration

Includes a 254 mm (10 in.) filter housing for use with 5-10 micron filter elements for small particle capture.

Additional Y Connection

Allows for adding Auto Mixer capability.

Processor Maintenance

Better water quality means cleaner water lines.