Carestream Industrex M43ic Processor 2


Designed for high volume NDT customers, this processor provides multiple processing cycles and dry-to-dry processing in as little as two minutes. The processor also comes standard with integrated closed-loop chiller to ensure consistent temperature in hot environments or when water supply is not temperature controlled to further enhanced capability and image quality in harsh NDT environments.

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  • Up to nine programmable-controlled processing channels for maintaining preferred settings such as processing speed, developer temperature, fixer temperature, dryer temperature and replenishment rate.
  • High processing capacity of up to 58 sheets/hour (35cm x 43cm) in the recommended processing cycle for improved productivity.
  • An intermediate fix rinse bath rack system that enhance process uniformity to both sides of the film.
  • Feed-tray cover that allows for room light operation
  • Filtered developer solutions that reduce film artefacts
  • Integrated chiller unit that maintains developer temperature in hot environments
  • Two 50-litre replenishment storage tanks
  • Low level monitoring of all tank solutions
  • Automatic "Top-Up" control that maintains solution levels on processor start up
  • Work-in-progress monitoring
  • Integrated connectors to an external exhaust air system