Through Transmission


Operating in through transmission mode using two transducers, the soft tipped transducers are for use with Sonatest Dryscan capabilities available on flaw detectors such as the Masterscan or Prisma series. Applications include the testing of composites, rubber, wood, ceramics and friction material. No surface preparation is required for the majority of applications and it is an ideal solution for test specimens with complex shapes. The roller probes (RP) are mainly used where automated testing is required.


RP - Roller Probe

These probes are designed to perform thru-transmission inspections on large surface areas. The wheel design and probe diameter means scan times can be reduced. They are made using circular, lead metaniobate crystal resulting in high sensitivity and are surrounded by a sturdy polymer tyre to allow continuous use for long periods of time.

  • Pair normal beam compression wave roller probe
  • Circular, lead metaniobate crystal
  • High sensitivity
  • Polymer face
  • Use with Dryscan flaw detection
  • Stub axle version available RP25HS-3C (with composite crystal)

Frequent applications include: Bond testing, Honeycomb/foam core inspections and Delamination checks.

STP - Soft Tip Probe

  • Pair of normal beam compression wave soft tip probe
  • Circular, lead metaniobate crystal
  • Low damped for narrow bandwidth
  • Polymer face
  • Use with Dryscan flaw detection

Frequent applications include: Aerospace, bond testing and composites.



Mar 2020RP Specification pdfv3Download
Oct 2019STP Specification pdfv2Download