Rubber Ball Delay Line Probes.

Small diameter UT probes used for specific application such as spot weld inspection and composite radius delamination checks.  These come in 2 options, one with a 12 mm contact area and a slim version for getting into 90 degree corners.


  • Side mount microdot and it comes in two versions. The standard RB and RBSL which is a slim line version with a smaller contact dia. than the standard .472” (12mm) contact dia. of the RB probe. The RBSL version has a smaller contact dia. allowing the user to get into tight 90° corners.

Frequent applications

  • Spot Welds
  • Bond Testing
  • Delaminations
  • Solder Joints

Transducer Models

Product Code Description Frequency
Crystal Diameter
RB2010 0.2" x 10MHz Rubber Ball Delay Line 10 0.25"
RB2050 0.2" x 5MHZ Rubber Ball Delay Line 5 0.25"