Sonagage IV


Our Sonagage IV is our premier corrosion thickness gage with a wide thickness range, able to be used with a variety of dual transducers as well as a selection of single element and angle beam probes. Similar to our precision thickness gages, Sonagage IV can save and store 2,700 custom setups.


  • Wide thickness range (.020” to 23” depending on gage type, material and transducer)
  • High temperature probes available up to 950F/509C (intermittent use)
  • Temperature correction
  • File compare features shows old readings along with new readings for datalogger versions (real-time corrosion monitor)
  • Available angle beam option
  • Gridview
  • Password lock
  • Supervisor and other locks
  • 2,700 stored setups
  • Change color and vibrate on alarm


Standard Sonagage IV Series Kit:

  • Echo-to-Echo functionalities
  • UT Thickness gauge
  • One DKS-537 transducer
    (twin crystal 5 MHz. .375"/9.52mm diameter transducer with potted probe)
  • Operator manual
  • Cable
  • Couplant
  • Carry Case


Brochure Download

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