Microgage III


The Microgage III series, is available with a choice between monochrome and colour displays and with or without A-Scan capability. All instruments across the range are field upgradeable, allowing the operator to opt for further features further down the line, without returning the instrument to the factory.


  • 0.0001 resolution.
  • 30 MHz bandwidth.
  • Sunlight readable.
  • Zoom auto tracking.
  • Live A-scan (colour optional).
  • Storage and recall of set ups.
  • Datalogger 100,000 readings.
  • Vibration and colour change with alarm.
  • Multiple Modes for challenging applications.
  • Real-Time adjustment of initial gain, slope, range, rectification, zoom and blankings.
  • Languages include: English, German, French.

Applications include:

  • Fibreglass Thickness (boats).
  • Coil Steel.
  • Titanium (golf club heads).
  • Rubber Tyres.
  • Thin Walled Components.
  • Aerospace applications.
  • Plastics Manufacturing.

B-Scan Features:

  • Included with DL version.
  • Cross sectional view of test piece.
  • Enter Maximum Thickness.
  • Saves B-Scan in DL.
  • Easy to review.
  • Shows all readings in review mode.
  • Interfaces with Data XLS software.
Features Microgage III B Microgage III Microgage III DL Microgage III W Microgage III DLW
Thickness Range 0.10mm - 508 (0.004 - 20 inches)(dependant on material and transducer selection)


o o o o
Scan Mode (20MHz) o o o o o
Hold Mode o o o o o
Freeze Mode o o o o o
Illuminated Keypad o o o o o
Units (Inches/Millimetres/Microseconds) o o o o o
Gain - o o o o
Differential - o o o o
Alarms (with vibrate) Yes (no vibrate) o o o o
B-Scan - Optional o o o
A-Scan - Optional o o o
Datalogger - Optional o o o
Main bang blanking - Optional o o o
Interface blanking - Optional o o o
Stored set ups - o o o o


March 23 Microgage lll software updatesDownload