CT Gage Series



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The CT Gage Range has been designed as a multi-purpose ultrasonic material and coating thickness instrument with a wide range of features..

The CT-Gage is able to simultaneously and independently measure the material and the coating thickness, or switch to the time based B-Scan view to see a cross section view of the material you are inspecting.

A custom calibration configuration for both the material and coating types offers extreme linearity.

The CT-Gage DL includes all of the above features but it also equipped with a Data Logger. The Data Logger consists of two file formats; Sequential logging with auto identifiers and an alpha-numeric grid. The DL can store 16,000+ readings, with B-Scan captures, recording all the gauge's settings and features, or turn the graphics mode off and store over 210,000 readings!

The CT-Gage DL+ enables A-Scan measurements to be taken and stored. This model also includes Time Corrected Gain features.

The CT-Gage DL+ C includes all of the above features but is also equipped with a High speed colour screen option with a screen option with a screen refresh rate of 60 Hz.


There are 6 Measurement Modes:

  • Pulse-Echo
  • Pulse-Echo w/Coating
  • Echo-Echo
  • Echo-Echo V (Triple Echo Mode)
  • Pulse-Echo w/Temperature Compensation
  • Coating only mode

The CT Gage is easy to use incorporating:

  • Single or two point calibration option for material and coating or selection from basic material types
  • Automatic Probe Zero
  • Automatic Probe Recognition
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Time Corrected Gain



CT Gage

5 MHz 1/4" Dual Element Transducer with Potted Side Entry cable

Operators Manual


2 x AA batteries

Carry Case


Feb 2018 SonaView Software updates Download

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