AlphaGage+ Corrosion


As a primary inspection tool for corrosion assessments, the Sonatest AlphaGage+ instrument uses dual element transducers in a Pitch & Catch configuration to reduce surface problems and to measure accurately the remaining wall thickness of these metal structures subject to corrosion.

This product is a key tool to inspect ageing assets and solve problems in the Oil & Gas or Petrochemicals industries.

Typical applications include:

  • metal pipe works
  • pressure vessels
  • structural parts
  • storage tanks

Power Generation


Oil & Gas




AlphaGage+ Standard Features

  • Echo-to-Echo functionalities
  • Up to 27 Hour battery life (high-capacity re-chargeable battery pack via the USB port)
  • Change colour and VIBRATE on alarm (ideal for inspections in loud environments)
  • Wide thickness range
  • Inches, mm or μSec
  • Velocity mode
  • Fast Min/Max mode to display actual thickness and minimum and maximum at the same time
  • Gain, range, rectification, blank adjustments with live waveform
  • Datalogger 2 Gb micro SD card standard expandable to 32 Gb
  • Datalogger interfaces with Microsoft Excel
  • Multiple languages
True Thickness (under coating)

When a metal surface is protected by anti-corrosion paint or coating, true wall thickness measurement using Echo-to-Echo function is a key feature and available on all AlphaGage+ models.

Field Upgradable Features

Upgradable in the field, the AlphaGage+ is a flexible solution as it can be fully loaded from the start or upgraded anytime later by easily activating its valuable software options when required.

Data Logger (B-Scan)

Thickness readings with ID location for corrosion mapping or profile assessment and send readings to Microsoft Excel™ for further asset maintenance evaluation.

Live Waveform (A-Scan)

Display live A-scan for echo verification and real time control of acoustic range, rectification, gain and blanks or combine the A-Scan with B-Scan view for even more detailed analysis.


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  • AlphaGage+ ScreenSize.jpg
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Standard AlphaGage+ C kit includes:

  • Echo-to-Echo functionalities
  • 2 GB microSD card
  • AC power adapter & USB cable
  • Standard 3.7V Li-ion internally rechargeable battery
  • Plastic carrying case
  • One couplant bottle
  • CD with manual
  • Data XLS interface program to export saved readings to PC. (Microsoft Excel)
  • NIST traceable calibration certificate

Software options and accessories included:

  • Access to dual and single element probe database.
  • One DKS-537 transducer
    (5 MHz. .375" diameter transducer with potted cable.

Recommended Accessories

149103AlphaGage+ Plastic Carry Case
149104AlphaGage+ Li-ion Battery Pack
149105AlphaGage+ Rubber Boot & Neck Strap
149106AlphaGage+ Alkaline Battery Pack
149107AlphaGage+ Charger with USB
149108AlphaGage+ Magnetic Ball Head
149109AlphaGage+ Neck Strap
USB-09-6AlphaGage+ Mini USB cable 6 foot

Feature Software options:

AlphaGage+ CDL with Data Logging software feature including:

  • Datalogger functionalities
  • B-Scan (time based)
  • Temperature correction

AlphaGage+ CW with Waveform software feature including:

  • Live A-Scan
  • Positive/Negative/Full signal rectification
  • Adjustable range
  • Temperature correction
  • Coating thickness

AlphaGage+ CDLW including:

  • All of the above
  • Rubber Boot with Neck Strap

Precision and Oxide Scale software functionalities can also be added to the AlphaGage+ Corrosion model, refer to AlphaGage+ Precision web page for more information.

Recommended Transducer Table


February 2018 AlphaGage+ software Updates Download
February 2018 Data XLS Software Download

Brochure Download

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