Sitescan D-50


Sonatest Sitescan Flaw Detectors have always meant highly reliable, technician focused flaw detection equipment and this model builds on that tradition.

The Sitescan D-50 offers the end user an entry level broadband flaw detector in the popular and portable casing of the established D-Series; with a full VGA display, a 50nS (Spike) 200V, a Pulser 0.5dB gain resolution and an optional rubber boot.

Typical applications are Weld Fabrication, Corrosion Detection, Forgings & Castings and general UT inspection.


Reliable, Rugged & Robust

An instrument's ability to perform in harsh environments with proven reliability is an important aspect of flaw detector ownership and this is enhanced by the Sitescan D-50's outstanding battery performance, which is up to 18 hours from full charge. The Sitescan D-50's enclosure is constructed using automotive grade impact resistant materials and offers excellent water resistance. Explosive Testing MIL810-G standards have been passed, together with environmental testing which has confirmed the instrument fully functioning at temperatures above 55°C. The Sitescan D-50 has a colour transflective VGA display, providing high visibility in any lighting conditions. Maxi,u, readability is achieved through adjustable brightness and the choice of 9 colour palettes, including a black-on-white LCD emulation mode.

Advanced Defect Sizing Tools as Standard

Weld an pipe inspection are major applications for the Sitescan D-50 which is equipped with the latest software tools for defect sizing. The use of integrated sizing software reduces analysis time and speeds inspection. Multiple standard sizing techniques are essential for service companies working to different customer standards, especially as service work becomes more international and operators are required to work to different codes.

UT-Lity Lite Data Management Software

Ut-Lity Lite software provides everything you need to manage your inspection data. The Standard (Lite) version is FREE with every instrument and give you the ability to view, move and manage Calibrations, A-Scans, B-Scans and Thickness Logs both on the instrument and on your PC. With UT-Lity Lite you can also create customised inspection report templates, cut-n-paste information to other applications and create printable pdf documents.

  • Load, store, manage files both on the PC and on a connected flaw detector
  • Save, analyse, colour code and export thickness logging data to spreadsheets/asset management software
  • Update the Flaw Detector and Firmware as and when updates become available on our website

Sizing Techniques and Software Options include:

  • DAC (Standard)
  • Split DAC & DGS/AVG (Option)
  • TCG (Option)
  • Backwall Echo Attenuation (BEA) Option (requires TCG)
  • AWS (Option)
  • AVG/DGS (Option)
  • API (Option)
  • Interface Trigger (Option)
  • Corrosion Software (Option)


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Standard Kit

Masterscan D-50 Digital Flaw Detector

Battery, Charger, Charger mains cable

User Guide

Calibration Certificate

Certificate of Conformance

Carry Bag

UT-Lity and USB cable

Display Window Cover

Ultrasonic Couplant

Product Codes: SS500BKIT - Sitescan 500 Series BNC


Rubber Boot Accessory

Customised Rubber "shell" that fits around the instrument for extra protection and insulation.


UT-Lity Pro (Advanced User Software)

UT-Lity Pro is the "professional" version and works in conjunction with the Corrosion Software option, providing the end user with the ability to create and manage inspection plans, location notes, historical thickness readings and other asset management information as required.

  • Set up inspection plan (gris) templates, notes and labels
  • Import previous readings into an inspection plan
  • Export inspection plan data to spreadsheets and plant maintenance databases




Flaw Detector Software Options

SW-API API Software
SW-AWS AWS Software
SW-BEA BEA Software
SW-CORROSION T-Log + B-Chart Software
SW-DGS DGS Software
SW-IFT IFT Software
SW-SPDAC Split DAC Software
SW-TCG TCG Software
UTILITY PRO UTLity Pro Software


Accessories and Spares

800208 CH700 Battery Charger
242173 D-Series Battery Pack
195167 D-Series Storm Case
195194 D-Series Storm Case - Eco
195123 D-Series Protective Sleeve
195163 D-Series Carry Bag
165027 RCA Video OutPut Cable
165028 USB Type A Male Cable Assy
152120 Cable DFD to PC
165040 Proportional O/P lead
145221 Masterscan Replacement Screen Cover
145324 Masterscan Screen Cover
MPS-701EU Flaw Detector Mains Pack
MPS-701UK Flaw Detector Mains Pack
MPS-701US Flaw Detector Mains Pack
192025 US Mains Lead Plug
192026 UK Mains Lead Plug
192027 Euro Mains Lead Plug
136168 BNC to BNC 50 Ohm
136169 BNC Female to LEMO Male
136171 Lemo (M) to Lemo 00 (F)
152018 BNC (M) to LEMO (F) Adaptor
KMA KIT 1 Stand Support Pack
KMA-01 Magnetic Mt'g Bracket Assy
KMA-03 hook Mt'g Bracket Assy


July 2016 UTLity Software Updates Download
Oct 2020Battery Pack Safety Data SheetDownload
15.02.2016UN Test Declaration275.96Download

Brochure Download

Download Brochure (3.20 MB)