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We're Hiring!

 17th January 2022
News Admin, Sonatest

We're Hiring!

Would you like to collaborate and make a difference in a dynamic R&D team based in Quebec, Canada?

Sonatest has been a leading non-destructive testing equipment manufacturer for 60 years. We are ecognized worldwide for the quality of our avant-garde, rugged and portable products.

Specializing in conventional ultrasonic and phased array NDT technologies, we provide solutions to a large number of industries, including transportation, aerospace, hydrocarbons, power generation and civil engineering such as Network Rail, Airbus , Boeing, Bombardier, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, to name a few.

Our head office is in England, we have an office in the USA, our distribution is worldwide, but it is from Quebec (all new completely renovated premises) that our R&D office carries out the design of ultrasonic inspection products.

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