Bolt Scanning

 18th January 2023
 Nicolas Morissette

Bolt Scanning

Sonatest introduces to the market the Creo bolt scanner. The scanner is a rotational encoded probe holder that attaches to the top of bolts and allows for the full 360-degree recorded scan. The 3-link mounting brackets automatically position the probe on the bolt, so the scanning recording / mounting sequence is fast and efficient. That rapid assessment of the component allows for multiple bolts to be scanned quickly with a consistent repeatable scan, consistent scans provide better data for interpretation and high probability of detection for defects.

Key points

·        Easy to assemble and quick positioning on bolts.

·        Repeatability of data because the probe is always in the same position throughout the scan.

·        Monitoring of the growth of an indication in time with the permanent record technique

Where to use the scanner:

·        Bridge pin

·        Riser bolts

·        Anchor bolts

·        Wind tower bolts


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