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AlphaGage+ Software Update 3.09

 14th July 2022
News Admin, Sonatest

AlphaGage+ Software Update 3.09

Upgrading your AlphaGage+ software is the best way to ensure that your instrument is running smoothly, it also gives you access to all the latest capabilities and features.

What's New in Version 3.09?

Bugs Fixed in v3.09:

  • BUG ID 919: In corrosion mode make a few custom setups in gage version v2.19. Then update to version 3.02. The last custom setup in the list will not be visible in the setups list once the gage is updated to v3.02, but the file is still on the flash drive.
  • BUG ID 957: Precision gage: init-settings -> setup-list menu try to select LIST (F2) and select GE-Setups press OK (when all the setups are already selected) nothing happens.
  • BUG ID 959: After performing master reset and powering up the device displays a prompt message asking for if you want to reformat the flash drive and selecting no turns off the device and user have option other than selecting yes. Prompt message is unnecessary here.
  • The “VOLTAGE MONITOR” screen was getting frozen after sometime if you live the device in that screen and only back option (Pressing F1 Twice) was working.
  • Now shows AUTO for F2 button when DELAY is focused in the measurement menu and AUTO is not selected for DELAY.

To ensure your instrument performs to the best of its ability, upgrade your AlphaGage+ for free today.

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