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Array WheelProbe

Sonatest's patented array wheel probes are the result of many years of research and careful design, in consultancy with our RapidScan customers in the aerospace market. Array WheelProbes feature a wide conformable rubber tyre which is acoustically matched to water, providing low loss coupling into the test part for high quality results without the need for gel or large quantities of water. Typical applications include scanning aerospace aileron and fuselage, large area scanning, corrosion mapping, marine mast scanning and a range of other composite testing requirements.

Array WheelProbe Overview

Sonatest Array WheelProbe

Sonatest WheelProbes are ideally suited to hand scanning of large flat or slightly curved parts, covering large areas quickly and efficiently. A central spring loaded roller ensures consistent coupling pressure.

The 50mm Array WheelProbe incorporates a 64 element phased array with 0.8mm resolution, and a high resolution position encoder, resulting in high quality, high resolution data capture.

For applications where very larger area coverage is required, the 100mm Array WheelProbe is the preferred choice. Due to the larger size it is best suited to flat horizontal components, but will scan curved parts too with a simple adjustment of the array angle. Employing a larger, wider tyre excellent coupling and data quality is achieved. The 100m Array WheelProbe has a 128 element phased array. 

Array WheelProbe Specification

Array WheelProbe Accessories

A range of connectors are available:

  • Cannon ITT connector
  • Hypertronics connector
  • Olympus connector


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