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Bubbler Probes

Scanning surfaces with curvatures is often a challenge for Ultrasonic NDT, especially in Aerospace Testing. The trade-off between large area coverage and surface profile means that sometimes physically smaller sensors produce the best results. Sonatest Bubbler Probes have been developed to resolve these issues.

Bubbler Probes Overview

The 40mm Bubbler Probe has been designed for difficult to access areas, and for curved components. It requires a water feed, and this provides exceptionally smooth operation on most metallic and composite surfaces. A spring loaded encoder wheel ensures that scan data is registered in the correct location, and the lightweight design minimises operator fatigue.

The Sliding Bubbler Probe is designed to work with the Rapidscan and the Faro Arm scanner, and is used for fast coverage of areas that are inaccessible to the WheelProbe such as webs, T-sections and confined regions. Using a 50mm array with 64 elements it produces excellent data quality and coupling is helped by two spring loaded rollers which ensure that the sensor is properly positioned on the surface of the part. A water feed is used which supplies a bubbler to produce a small pool of coupling water around the active area of the sensor.

Mini Bubbler ProbeSliding Bubbler Probe

Bubbler Probes Specification

Please contact us directly to find out more about this transducer range and specification.

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