TFMi™: Using Intermodal Analysis to Improve TFM Imaging

Total Focussing Method (TFM) is a term given to the mathematical processing of waveforms
collected by a phased array data acquisition process to provide an image of a volume under

Veo3 TFMi Thumbnail.png


In recent years, phased array ultrasonic inspections have incorporated a variety of total focussing methods (TFM) to process data collected from full matrix capture techniques. The results are images that can greatly assist in characterization and sizing of indications. Codes have been written to standardise the techniques [1,2,3]. Because these codes use a qualification process, they specify that the selection of propagation modes used in the TFM construction are identified. Experience has demonstrated that not all combinations of paths are effective at detecting indications in TFM. The user is left to determine which propagation mode produces the best result. In this paper we illustrate how the process can be improved in both detection and reliability by simultaneously processing multiple modes in combination.

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