Manual Phased Array Corrosion Investigation using a Prisma

An easy-to-use solution to assess the remaining wall thickness of tubes, pipes and vessels.

This package is an affordable and easy-to-use solution to assess the remaining wall thickness of tubes, pipes and vessels. In time based mode and with an encoder, Prisma has both B-scan and C-scan capability. Both tools improve the detection of thickness variations and pitting spots. Prisma features all the corrosion visualization tools required to produce a comprehensive report. The unit comes with UTstudio+ software that helps users carry out further analysis such as defect measurement and include annotation. This manual phased-array solution improves inspection coverage and ensures that any corrosion and erosion progression is properly assessed.


Manual corrosion inspection - prisma
Fig. 1: The Prisma using an optimised acquisition layout




Manual corrosion inspection - x3a probe
Fig. 2: X3A probe + X3AW contoured wedge for a circumferential scan



Recommended Package

Category Part Number Description
Prisma UT BNC Standard Kit
Prisma UT LEMO Standard Kit
Product option PRISMA 16:64 TOFD  Prisma software 16:64 PA
(up to 16 focused elements over 64 arrays)
Probe X3A-003
Note: X3 probe at 5 MHz shall be considered as the default one
Wedges X3AW-001
Note: X3 wedges shall be considered as the default ones
X3AW-0L25-IHC in AOD range of:
4", 6", 8", 12", 16" and 24" and flat.


For area sizing and high-resolution scans, add one universal encoder with this kit. It is sold as AXYS-001 and has a 2.5-metre cable. The low clearance and compact design are fit for most encoding purposes.

Frequency recommendations according to the thickness (T):

T < 5mm = 10MHz
5mm < T < 75mm = 5MHz
75mm > T = 2.25MHz

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