Advanced Corrosion Mapping

The WheelProbe 2 features a captive array in an adaptive rubber wheel making it a perfect corrosion mapping solution for large surface.

This corrosion mapping solution is perfect for large surfaces. The WheelProbe 2 features a captive array in an adaptive rubber wheel. Once filled with water, it becomes a portable immersive system that also significantly improves the accuracy of the overall inspection data. Moreover, because the encoder is fixed directly onto the WheelProbe 2, it cannot slip on the surface inspection as the wheel moves forward. This system, combined with the recording capabilities of the Veo+, accelerates inspection productivity. Results can then be reviewed with the powerful UTstudio+ or with UTmap for more advanced automatic defect detection.


Advanced Corrosion Mapping - Wheelprobe
Fig. 1: WheelProbe 2 adapts to all shapes




Advanced Corrosion Mapping - Corroded Parts
Fig. 2: WheelProbe 2 is suitable for any type of corroded parts



Advanced Corrosion Mapping
Fig. 3: Corrosion mapping data obtained with the WheelProbe 2


Recommended Package

Category Part Number Description
Product VEO+16:64PR BNC
VEO+ 16:64 PR / 2UT:PR BNC
Product option SW-VEO+CSV Export data to CSV file
Probe WP2-5MHZ-64
  • Frequency: 5 MHz
  • Elements: 64


Probe option #1 WP2-PACK1
  • Horizontal handle
  • Back profiled roller
  • Filling equipment
  • Maintenance tools and manual
  • Rugged transportation case
Probe option #2 WP2-ADV-KIT2
  • 2 x Flat front roller
  • Remote control
  • Front roller assembly
  • Laser guidance kit
  • Phone display kit
Software UTMAP Software suitable for C-Scan analyses

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