Linear Scanning with the Glider

The RSflite workflow is designed for composite inspections.


Linear scanning can be a challenge if the scanner is too bulky to properly adapt to the physical shape of the part being inspected. In this situation, the X3 Glider is often the solution. The Glider is a made of the same patented rubber wedge as the Sonatest Wheelprobe 2. It guarantees exceptional acoustic performance and easily adapts to irregular surfaces, making it the ideal solution for composite radiuses or changes in geometry. Moreover, when combined with the RSflite and the AXYS scanner, the Glider has a small footprint and can record individual C-scan stripes with unsurpassed speed. The overall inspection can be reconstructed and further analysed in the Sonatest UTmap software.



RSflite workflow.jpg
Fig. 1: The RSflite workflow is designed for composite inspections




Fig. 2: The X3-Glider’s patented rubber is suitable for composite inspections



Recommended Package


Category Part Number Description
Product RSFLITE BNC or RSFLITE LEMO RSflite 128-channel linear scanning instrument
Probe X3A-003 Frequency: 5 MHz
Elements: 64
Wedges X3AW-001

0 deg wedge

X3-Glider wedge made of rubber
Encoder AXYS-001 Compact and universal single-axis encoder
Cable length: 2.5 m
Software UTMap Software suitable for C-Scan analyses


Frequency recommendations according to the thickness (T):

T < 3mm = 10MHz
3mm < T < 25mm = 5MHz
25mm > T = 2.25MHz

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