The Odi-II is used to provide encoded position of two probes along the scan axis and its small size makes it a perfect tool for manual TOFD scanning.

The Odi-II uses Jireh's standard probe holder arms, which are compatible with most manufacturer's wedge and probe combinations. It is also available with a variety of encoder output cable options, making it compatible with most major UT instruments. The Odi-II is the perfect solution to carry out manual TOFD scans.


  • Quick Adjust Probe holders: This system allows the operator to fix the encoder to any probe/wedge or object to provide encoded position (no tools required).

  • Environmental Sealing: The Odi-II is waterproof and constructed from corrosion resistant materials.

  • Encoder Output: The Odi-II is available with a variety of encoder output cable options to be used with your instrument of choice.

  • Configurable: The Odi-II can be used as a single dual probe manual scanner. The encoder can be positioned anywhere along the length of the frame bar, and on either side.