AXYS is a universal accessory for single axis inspections, easily set up without any tools.

The AXYS magnetic encoder’s IP68 isolated electronics have been designed and tested to protect against dust ingress and can be used under water for prolonged periods of time. The exposed mechanical components have all been selected for their resilience to dust, chemicals and water. This combination really does mean the AXYS encoder can go anywhere that probes and wedges do. The AXYS clamp enables you to attach our encoder to all our probes and wedges and those from other manufacturers.



AXYS Encoder

  • The position of the encoder can be rotated through 90 degrees enabling scanning in multiple directions.
  • The angle of the encoder can be adjusted. There are 12 possible positions through 360 degress (30 degree steps). With 60 degrees of movement in the spring, the encoder can be adjusted to any angle.
  • The fixed step approach means the angular adjustment of the encoder is truly toolless.
  • Designed and tested with an ingress protection rating of IP68.

AXYS Clamp

  • Provided with a spare stainless steel solid wheel for use on surfaces where the standard rubber wheel may slip.
  • Clamp width can be adjusted from 11 mm to 55 mm.
  • Clamping force can be easily adjusted using the clamp adjustment screw.
  • The AXYS clamp can be used with any manufacturer's wedge and probe combination.



  • AXYS Package


  • AXYS


  • AXYS Clamp


  • AXYS Scanner


  • AXYS Package
  • AXYS
  • AXYS Clamp
  • AXYS Scanner


What's in the box?

  • AXYS LEMO 2.5 m or AYXS CLAMP LEMO 5.0
  • Spare Stainless Steel Wheel
  • Quick Start Guide/Instructions