T-Gage V Series



T-Gage V

The T-Gage corrosion thickness gauge offers the latest technologies to make your inspection easier and has been built to perform in the harshest of industry conditions.

The T-Gage V can be used with a variety of dual transducers as well as a selection of single element probes.


Typical applications include:

  • Boiler tubes
  • Pressure vessels
  • Storage tanks
  • Ship hulls
  • Pipes
  • Steel beams on bridges


T-Gage V

As a mid-range model the T-Gage V offers the most popular features in a thickness gauge, including Echo-to-Echo (E-E) capability. Other features include increase / decrease in gain; vibrate & illuminate keypad on Alarm conditions and the "transducer attendant", where the end user is notified when a transducer needs replacing. Simple upgradeable options include A/B-Scan capability and data logging software.


Standard T-Gage V Series includes:

UT Thickness Gauge

Echo-to-Echo mode

DKS-537 twin crystal 5MHz 0.375"/9.52mm dia potted probe

Operator Manual



Carry Case




T-Gage Probes


DC250 Dual Composite 2.35 MHz
DK525 Dual K85 5.0 MHz
DKS-537 Dual K85 5.0 MHz
DK537EE Dual K85 5.0 MHz
DK537RM Dual K85 5.0 MHz, Right Angle
DHT-537 Dual Hi-Temp 5 MHz Transducer
DK550 Dual K85 5.0 MHz
DK718 Dual K85 7MHz 187 inch
DK718EE Dual K85 7MHz 187 inch
DK1025 Dual K85 10.0 MHz


Dec 2016 Thickness Gauge Software Updates v3.33 Download

simplicity reliability capability