SonaCam is a mobile and ergonomic ultrasound camera system designed for NDT inspection of CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics).

A unique dry and wet transducer technology with high performance signalling electronics creates high-resolution 2D and 3D images of suspected damage areas.


Dry Coupling Transducer

The silicone-based 16,000 element transducer enables dry coupling on painted or shiny surfaces. Water on contact gel can be used on rougher surfaces.

Small Camera with Advanced Features

SonaCam connects to a standard Windows PC or Tablet through the USB port, and makes the system very portable and flexible. The SonaCam software creates A-, B- and C-Scan images of very high quality supporting Amplitude and Time-of-Flight modes. The SonaCam 3D viewer creates crystal-clear images of material defects, and makes it easy to perform a defect analysis and to develop optimal repair strategies. The 3D images can be zoomed, panned and rotated.

NDT for Experts and Operators

The SonaCam is available in two versions:

Sonacam Expert Cameras are optimised for NDT engineers and experts that require advanced features and detailed control over all camera settings.

Sonacam Operator Cameras are perfect for inspectors who regularly perform NDT inspections but do not need advanced features.

The Sonacam Operator camera is also used as inspector cameras in TeamCentre system, the Expert creates inspection procedures that embed functionality.


Sonacam GridTool

The Sonacam GridTool is a mechanical positioning device for the SonaCam Ultrasonic Camera that makes it easy and quick to inspect large areas. Its solid construction from high quality linear bearings ensure smooth scanning, high precision and high inspection speeds.

The GridTool is fixed to the surface by one or two robust and oversized suction cups. Due to the low weight and powerful section cups, the system can be placed in any orientation, even inverted on painted or shiny surfaces. The suction cup can also be removed to allow for a bolted placement if needed.

The Soncam is easily secured to the GridTool with 3 set screws and the attachment is hinged to allow access to non-planar surfaces.

Constructed using high quality linear bearings, the Sonacam can easily be positioned in 25 mm incremental positions over a full 50 by 50 cm area. Each camera position is secured with a ball-plunger as the operator acquires the image and before moving the camera to the next position.

The SonaCam allows for multiple scanning modes, including various vertical and horizontal modes.

SonaCam0 - 8mm CFRP0 - 16mm CFRP
(Full feature set)
(For TeamCentre)
SonaCam GridTool
Weight2 kg (4.41 lbs)
Scanning increment25 mm (0.98")
Scanning area50 x 50 cm (16.69 x 16.69")
Fixture1 or 2 suction cups, or bolted to surface


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