RapidScan+ is the complete C-Scan inspection instrument from Sonatest.

This comprehensive system bridges the gap between hand-held and gantry equipment offering the convenience and versatility of a portable unit combined with the speed and in-depth data analysis capability of an automated C-Scan inspection system. Utilising ultrasonic array transducers, RapidScan+ provides real-time A, B, and C-Scan information with high resolution full data recording.

Typical applications include: the inspection of metal and carbon fibre composites structures, detecting defects such as delaminations, cracks, flaws, corrosion, porosity, foreign material and bond integrity.


  • Compared to standard portable instruments, RapidScan+ is able to scan much faster and further with an expansive set of evaluation and analysis tools.
  • Multiple level user access allows configuration of the instrument to be as simple or as flexible as the operator desires.
  • The system includes a 128-channel multiplexing pulser/receiver module; state-of-the-art data capture electronics and a standard PC, laptop, housed in a low-profile rugged plastic enclosure.
  • Powerful gating and evaluation tools ensure that the ultrasonic signals can be analysed and interpreted to the fullest extent.
  • RapidScan+ operates in pulse-echo mode suitable for inspecting medium to large areas.
  • The high resolution C-Scans show time of flight and amplitude data, simultaneously displaying both A and B-Scans live.


Single Element Wheel Probes

The single element wheel probe uses Sonatest technology for near-dry Ultrasonic coupling. Using a single element 15mm immersion probe, the SEWP is designed to operate between 1MHz and 10MHz and is available with a low pressure 38mm tyre and a higher pressure 25mm tyre.

Array Wheel Probe - 100mm array

For applications where a very large area coverage is required, the 100mm Array Wheel Probe is available. Due to its larger size it is best suited to flat horizontal components, but will scan curved parts too with a simple adjustment of the array angle. This RapidScan+ sensor uses a 128 element phased array with 0.8mm resolution and a position encoder.

Large Low Frequency WheelProbe

This large format array system is designed to use a minimum amount of couplant and its adjustable for concave and convex surfaces. The patented polymer wheel minimises internal reflections whilst maximising resolution and with a scan width of 85mm and a lightweight construction this new model is ideal for manual large surface area scanning.

WheelProbe 2

With the efficiency, performance and precision provided by the WP2, it is now possible to inspect large areas and quickly analyse data to determine if any critical or urgent action is required. The WP2 offers an impressive 1mm near surface resolution in the latest composite materials using 5MHz array. Available also with 10MHz, 3.5MHz and 2MHz versions.

AWP-TYRE-50Spare Tyre 50mm WheelProbe
AWP-TYRE-100Spare Tyre 100mm WheelProbe


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