Cloud Remote Access


Sonatest veo+, prisma and veo users can now connect their instruments to a secured VPN powered by LogMeIn® by simply activating the "Cloud Remote Access" software option on their instrument.

Thanks to the remote Sonatest software solution UTLink, the user can remotely take control and download information to the instrument from anywhere around the world.

This amazing and affordable innovation is very easy to implement as it doesn't require any heavy IT infrastructure investment. It opens the door to a multitude of solutions such as real-time delocalised expert supports or cooperative setup and remote analysis tasks.


This amazing and affordable innovation gives users the ability to remotely access their instruments from anywhere around the world to

  • Assist in real time technician in the field;
  • Take control of all the instrument functionalities;
  • Download data for in depth analysis in the office;
  • Upload specific setup files to the field technician;
  • Upload procedures (PDF) to the field technician;
  • Enhance in-house feasibilities, training and demonstrations by connecting one qualified expert to a group of users

Being powered by LogMeIn®, this innovative solution sits on a secure, reliable and worldwide recognised platform opening the door to true mobility in the NDT market.

It is also a very simple solution to implement. Its on demand cloud VPN structure makes it fully scalable and flexible, especially when it is compared to a classic and expensive proprietary VPN investment that requires server, security and maintenance cost allocations.



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