Compatible with Sonatest veo+, veo and prisma instruments, UTLink is a PC-based software application designed to fully control the instrument remotely via a simple network connection,

The UTLink remote control solution works with any standard local and wide area network (LAN / WAN) using either the fast gigabit Ethernet or WIFI technologies embedded in Sonatest instruments. Once the remote technician enables communication connection, the complete instrument interface is virtually replicated on his PC (including enclosure keypad action buttons), making UTLink a very simple tool to use. This is an optimal way of getting real-time access to an instrument or receiving advice from an expert sitting nearby or anywhere in the world.

Main functionalities include:

  • Flexible yet simple remote control solution based on a standard network technology;
  • Virtually replicate the complete instrument interface including keypad action buttons;
  • Instrument auto recognition once connected.



Feb 2017 UTLink Software Updates Download